Naše produkty

Naše produkty

S viac ako 20-timi digitálnymi značkami, mesačne oslovujeme takmer 3,2 milióna používateľov.

Prinášame najnovšie správy, tvoríme názory a ponúkame prístup ku kvalitným informáciám. Spájame komunity, prevádzkujeme najväčšiu online donášku jedla na Slovensku a najpoužívanejšie inzertné portály.

We enable millions of people every day to buy, sell, rent, let, hire, or get hired. Our goal is to create perfect matches for relevant life and business decisions through our digital marketplaces. Ringier´s teams operate leading platforms in jobs, real estate, cars and horizontals in 18 countries.

For nearly 190 years, Ringier has been a driving force in the public debate. Ringier owns more than 100 media & entertainment brands across the globe. Our publications are renowned for their exceptional journalism, high editorial independence and digital development.

Technology as the essential link between media, marketplaces and advertising is a part of the Ringier DNA. Ringier’s technology hubs support the local development teams by providing scalable and adaptable platform solutions to enable local strategies efficiently.

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